Music Video: "Ava's Dream Sequence Lullaby" 
Al Di Meola – guitar
Phil Magallanes – keyboards
Gumbi Ortiz – percussion

Elias Tona – bass
Luis Alicea – drums
Evan Garr – violin

A couple of months ago a young humble violinist waited for me backstage in Toronto. His name is Evan Garr and he drove up in a beat up car from Detroit just to see the show. Self taught Evan blew all of us away when he suddenly started to play my music after the show in my dressing room. I asked where he was going that night. He said he'd be driving back all the way to Detroit. I said no, reached in my pocket, gave him all the money in there and told him to meet us in Montreal: "Your playing with us tomorrow night at the very prestigious Montreal Jazz festival! I would be honored to introduce you and tell your story!" The emotions were massive! Needless to say once he started to play the place rose to their feet and were instantly blown away! So now we are very happy to announce and introduce Mr. Evan Garr who will be joining our lineup for the October leg of ELEGANT GYPSY & MORE! We're proud and happy about what's to come!

© 2014 Al Di Meola